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: Frederick Douglass “From the Autobiography”
11. In the first paragraph of this selection, Douglass explains that his purpose is to—
12. While out fanning wheat, Douglass collapses because—
13. Douglass leaves the plantation to—
14. Jenkins advises Douglass to carry a root that will—
15. Douglass thinks the root may bring him good luck because Covey—
16. When Covey tries to bind Douglass’s legs with a rope, Douglass—
17. When Covey calls out and asks Bill to subdue Douglass, Bill—
18. For six months after this incident—
19. During the course of this selection, Douglass shows how he—
20. At the end of the selection, Douglass—
21. By using a metaphor comparing his appearance to that of a “man who had escaped a den of wild beasts,” Douglass suggests that—
22. Which of the following sets of images does Douglass use in the metaphor that concludes the selection?

Ambrose Bierce “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”
23. This story is set in Alabama during— Civil war
24. Peyton Farquhar is best described as a— spy for the south
25. Peyton Farquhar— plantation owner
26. Early in the story, what interrupts Farquhar’s thoughts about his wife and children? The ticking of the watch
27. While Farquhar is underwater, he thinks that he is going to die, but—
28. After the board is kicked out from under him, Farquhar experiences—
29. After Farquhar appears to have escaped from the gunfire while in the river, he—
30. How much time passes in the story?
31. What actually happens in this story?
32. In part, this story illustrates—
33. When Farquhar hears his watch ticking with an exaggerated intensity, Bierce is using the point of view known as—
34. Which of the following details from the story best describes the author’s use of the omniscient point of view?
35. Bierce uses the omniscient point of view to—
36. Bierce plays with time in all of the following ways except by—

Jack London “To Build a Fire” Test questions

42. How cold is it when the story opens?
43. The man is best described as—
44. What does the man fear from the beginning of his journey?
45. The man makes all the following mistakes except—
46. After he falls into the spring, the man—
47. When the bough full of snow falls, the man—
48. Why is the man unable to reach camp?
49. You can infer that London—
50. When Beck Weathers falls, he holds his hands close to his body so that—
51. All of the following things happen to Weathers except—
52. In London’s story, nature is portrayed as—
53. Naturalism, as shown in this story, holds that—
54. London’s story shows the naturalist belief that people are at the mercy of—
55. In “To Build a Fire” the man’s final predicament is caused when he—

Stephen Crane “A Mystery of Heroism”

64. When the story opens, the battle—
65. Collins wants to get a drink of water because—
66. By the time Collins asks for permission to go to the well—
67. You can infer that Collins’s superior officers—
68. Once Collins reaches the well, he—
69. Collins does not consider himself a hero because he—
70. When the dying lieutenant asks Collins for a drink of water, Collin’s first reaction is to –
71. Upon his return to his regiment, Collins is greeted by—
72. The story’s title probably includes the word mystery because—
73. The title of the poem, “War is Kind,” is an example of verbal irony because the author—
74. In “A Mystery of Heroism,” it is ironic that—
75. Crane also uses situational irony when—
76. Which of the following examples from the story is the strongest example of situational irony?
77. When the speaker of “War is Kind” says, “Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind,” what technique is he using to make his point?

“The Lowest Animal” Mark Twain

83. What is Twain’s theory of humanity?
84. To give his theory credence, Twain claims that—
85. Twain concludes that English earls are cruel because they—
86. You can infer from the example of the earl and the anaconda that Twain—
87. What example does Twain not cite to make his point that humanity is cruel?
88. According to Twain, human beings are inferior to animals in all of the following ways except—
89. The tone of Twain’s essay is best described as—
90. Twain’s last example demonstrates that—
91. When Twain says, “Man is the Animal that Blushes. . . or has occasion to,” he means that—
92. Twain says that of all the animals, man alone is—
93. Twain satirizes all of the following human foibles except—
95. In Twain’s example of people refusing to be seen undressed in public, Twain is satirizing—
96. What is ironic about Twain’s assertion that humans are the “Reasoning Animal”?
97. Twain wrote his satire “The Lowest Animal” mainly to—

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