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: Ok. My dad and his girlfriend have been together for 3 years now. They recently have bought a house together and i hate her. She bitter, rude, and doesnt care about me. She has a 22 year old piece of crap daughter. My dad however is an alcoholic, but would do anything for me and love me to death, when shes not barking at him telling him he shouldnt have to drive me around or do anything for me. Im 15 by the way. Anyhow, onto today, i recently came home from the beach in severe itching pain from sunburn, i took a cold shower and did everything i could think of to help. Ask her to help, she says put a cool towel on and doesnt say anything to actually help. So here i am, i ended up putting some kind of lotion on it that made it itch like hell.. i pleaded for her help and she ignored me, so i said i was going to try and rinse it off and im practically screaming trying to not itch it. She chases me down saying she refuses to let me take another shower because she doesnt want to pay a miniscule amount on her water bill? Wat? She seriously could give a shit less about me. Is it time for me to beg my dad to break up with her despite possibly losing our house? I did get the sunburn somewhat under control by laying down and keeping my comforter pressed down on it. It stopped it for the most part. But anyways. How do i solve this issue, my dad loves her to death and shes just such a bitch to him.

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: I know from experience what your going through and I am the same age as you. you need to tell your dad you don't like her and all the stuff shes doing to you because its wrong and its being a neglectful parent on her part. if your dad does not listen because of him being an alcoholic then if you can go live with your mom or some other relative. you do not want this relationship continuing because it will end in disaster.
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: I am a boy by the way
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: You're at the age when a girl wants to have her dad to herself. It sounds like the negative vibe you get from her is deserved. All you did was tear everyone down and gripe about how hard it is for you. There is no way you can get your dad to leave this woman. If he's an alcoholic, his self esteem is too low to notice her abuse, so it's bothering you a lot more than it bothers him. You'll outgrow this rivalry. Meanwhile, hating her is only going to make a mess out of you.
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