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: I had a contractor come in and do work in my basement , I was quoted at $3,000 to 4,000 and was supposed to get 4 steel beams put in, was supposed to get the dirt bucketed out and the floor leveled. (which is what i was told all the labor was going to be from, because there is no other exit. Bucket and up steps and outside is the only way out)

We were also supposed to get stone laid down and then the outside of the house sealed up good so we could stop getting water in our basement and also so it'd be stoned instead of dirt.

We gave a $3,000 deposit because we were supposed to get other work done but ended up just going with the basement which is when they gave us the basement quote.

Today they finished, and all they did was put a piece of plastic down and lay stones over top of it... No dirt dug out, it's really uneven, and the outside of the house wasn't even touched.

I came home to a 1,000 bill which would max out their quote at $4,000.

Is there anything I can do about this:?? We never had a contract, I do have the original quote in my email...but we never signed an official contract. I think it's rediculous if I have to pay another $1,000 for a really crappy job.
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: Don't pay the rest until the job is complete to your satisfaction. If they threaten to take you to court, let them. Gather all the evidence you have and prepare. Without a contract, you have little chance of getting your money back, but they certainly have no leverage to get the extra $1,000.
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: as a contractor I work for a lot of lawyers and they all tell me that having it in an email is as good as a contract since it is in writing and shows intent that it will stand up in court - the one lawyer said he specifically does construction litigation, I always save every email from all clients so there is no disputing what was said.

you need to go through your correspondence very carefully and objectively to evaluate what work was agreed upon and take them to court
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: do they even have a contractors license? contact your local board of licensing if so. if not, and no contract was signed, yer done pretty much.
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