HellBill » Bills Categories: » Water Bill » I this the Utopia liberals are trying to create for the rest of us?

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: http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2014/06/23/nearly-half-of-detroit-water-customers-cant-pay-their-bill/

50+ years of 100% democrat liberal rule
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: Yes. Detroit has been under the iron fist of failed liberal/union rule for decades! but hold on, the Obama flock will soon find a way to blame Bush per the liberal propaganda media!
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: roflmao. "can't pay?" that's a joke. it's more like "won't pay" -- and the reason for won't pay is that Detroit has a history of never shutting off the water, no matter what. Why pay the bill if nothing will happen when you don't?
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: Rmare: You make yourself look ridiculous by denying the obvious.
Scott: LOL, keep that little fantasy in your head.
Suzee: Reality caused by liberals, suck.
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: Yes it is their plan for America, Africanize for Drug profits.
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