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: I am so lonely nowadays...all my friends have boyfriends or functioning families with enough money to spare....at the moment my house has no hot water cause my mom can not pay the bill...no guys even look at me or attempt to seem interested I'm me...also my adopted parents are getting divorced and my adopted dad treats me like a burden. I be been depressed for years...and now I can't even feel the pain I'm just numb... A maladaptive dreamer which helps me to cope.. But sexually its the hardest. After I masturbate I literally want to cry because I just feel even more lonely. Then seeing my friends so happy with their boyfriends or siblings or family...makes me jealous. I don't know what to do anymore....sorry if my spellings terrible...

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: I dealt with depression from the age of 11. It's really hard, i know. But for long term depression like you are dealing with you should see someone you can talk to. Go to your doctor and tell him/her what youve been feeling and they'll be able to help with either medication or finding you a proper therapist or counselor to talk to.
Finding someone you feel comfortable to talk to will help and you will become happy with the person you are whether alone or not, at least you have yourself.
It will get better, you just have to let it.
p.s ignore 'whatisit', he's a creep.
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: Dear as humans we are all lonely i would suggest you do things that make you happy don't mope around in your sorrows get out and have a life that is how you meet people. You can take a dance class or art class or do extra curricular activities at school that is what i did when i was your age. Maybe even try swimming lessons or join some group where you won't feel lonely it will ease your mind and take the stress off of the divorce and life's problems weather it's writing poetry or art you need to release this pain and sorrow talk to a guidance counselor they are the best.

You will Overcome hang in Dear things will get better
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