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: the water is cleaned and goes in circles and only a car engine runs on your paranormal co2 not electricity thats nuclear, wind and river..
so what else than wasting money for the bill do you need to go easy on electricity and tap water?

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: Most electrical generators are coal-fired, rather than nuclear. While some have carbon recovery systems, most just belch it into the atmosphere because fitting such systems is expensive. That and there is also an environmental risk to using nuclear fuel, much as I prefer it to coal. It's hard to safely dispose of the spent fuel rods, and as far as I know "bury them for ages" is still the best idea we've come up with, which poses something of a threat to everything around the place you bury it.

The pumps that get water around the country? Electrically operated. So more coal. Not to mention the energy required to clean it every cycle in the first place.

But mostly what bothers me about this question is the use of the word "paranormal". The effects carbon dioxide and other gasses have on the atmosphere are well understood and well documented. Your failure to understand the mechanisms by which they operate does not mean they do so by magic.
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