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: I am 13 years old and 147 pounds, which is very not good.
I cant seem to lose weight!
I count my calories, go to the gym with my friends and eat healthy meals :(

I know it may take some time but my goal is to reach 8 stone which is the right weight to be, i want to be like that before Christmas of 2014, is that possible? Am i able to do it? I am sooooo determined and will do whatever it takes.

Can i reach 8 stone by christmas? Most reliable ways to lose weight? Is there any reason why i cant lose weight?

Thanks :)
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: ive been training for nearly a year but personally myself and a lot of other trainers when you sit up you are exercising your ab muscles but not actually burning fat ,

to burn fat try eating low carb foods chicken , turkey , with brown rice pasta and as many green veg as you want ,

try run walk or jog for 1 hour a day sweating is fat crying people say the more you sweat the more fat you burn ie sprint as fast as you can for 20seconds then slow you self down naturally and repeat for 10mions drink only water and green tea ,

green tea has antioxidants in it which speeds up your metabolism also is very good for you in many other ways .

avoid all sugary drink anything like monster rock star anything with massive amounts of sugar

make a diet plan check on back of packet you want low carbs , high protein , good fibre

drink only water and green tea don't be drawn in to buying green tea tablets or the fat buster bill as they are just markings scams

hope this helps buddy and good luck
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: Focus on healthy food and try your best to do regular exercise.
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