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: I'm only 20. I'm not wanting any kids yet. And I'm very scared. Yes I am sexually active. I'm 10 days late now. Which my period is sometimes a couple days late or early. I think once I've been a week late. I am reAlly stressed lately. Trying to get out of a very expensive apartment as well as a ton of bills I have. And dealing with bad pains in my shoulders from work. I feel light headed and some cramps here and there. But I have always been very light headed and dizzy and nauseous because I don't drink enough water. I've had this problem for a while. So I don't feel too different, but not having a period is terrifying me, which I've read can also affect things. Cause I'm super freaking out. And nervous. I took a first response test when I was 6 days late said no. Took a second test that was supposed to "confirm" the first test. It also said not pregnant. I've been outside a lot lately and have been radiating heat which I don't normally do. Only sometimes when I don't feel good and am dehydrated. I'm going to the doc this friday but wanted some info first. Thanks!!

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: Did you know that stress can actually postpone an expected menstrual cycle? I went through a phase where I became very high strung, and I stressed about everything. It delayed me for 2 months! It sounds like you might be stressing your cycle away.

Considering you used the only brand of test (that I am aware of) that can give accurate results prior to a missed period, and you tested negative on 2 of them, I think you are in the clear. If you still haven't got your period in the next 2 weeks, take another test. If it's negative, I think it's safe to say that stress is the culprit.
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: the only things i can think of are:

1 - anytime you have sex you COULD be pregnant....dont stress out until later on like 2 weeks late (something like that).....since you're sexually active and 2 ish weeks late you could check then
2 - you might be pushing it too soon though since its been 10 days.....doctor MIGHT tell you you're early too....i get irregular periods now but when i was younger i got mine within a week of when it was supposed to come (back when i was in middle school and high school)
3 - irregular periods - you have irregular periods? sometimes you can get it a week or two later....once in a while you get a freak thing where you can skip a month
4 - if you're stressed out or dehydrated etc you could miss it or be 10 days late (or even stressing out how you nvr got it yet)
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: Two separate tests are negative and you don't believe them, but you'd believe random internet people?
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: What I would do now sweetie is see your doctor for a blood test and a urine test to be done for a more accurate answer. Instead of spending money on test after test, see your doctor for a more accurate answer, and to put your mind at ease. :-)

(((hugs))) ???
G??d luck :-)
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