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: Hello,

A little about the story...
2 years ago I let my mother move in with my brother as well. They had no where to go because she isnt stable and prefers to go out on a night on the town verses paying her bills. Well they moved in for 1 month shy of a year. So The following year I claimed my brother on my taxes because she didnt pay for him at all she had no job so they lived off my husband and I. She was mad that I kept all the taxes without giving her any of it but I dont think I had to since im the one who supported him that following year. Well Again I made the mistake of letting them move in this last november, her bf included this time. They were staying in a motel so I tried helping at the time she had a job. The deal was she payed half of my rent which is her part of $350 plus 25 for water plus to put food in the house. Well than a month later she quit her job (The bf the whole time not having one)...She was able to pay me for jan & feb from her last checks and march from her taxes. The excuse of them sitting in my house doing nothing for 5 months was neither of their i.d's or license's were expired. So i loaned them 20 dollars to get his i.d but once again that didnt happen. They had the chance when they had their taxes to get that dont but of corse going shopping and going out to eat is more important than taking care of your business apparently. Well they moved out without telling me anything and left me in a hole for 2 months, Is there something I can do?
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: You could sue and win BUT - your mom paid a heck of a lot more money then $700 + utilities and food to raise you so I would chalk this up as a wash.

You would have no problem proving this verbal agreement by showing past rent paid by them. Again, I wouldn't do this because you wouldn't even be on this earth if it wasn't for her.
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: Since you have no proof of any kind of loan, you're out of luck.
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: If your mom signed some kind of lease perhaps. More importantly is that this woman clearly can't take care of herself. You should move to have her declared incompetent and to take custody of your minor brother before someone gets hurt or worse.
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: Yea, pay the money.

The next time you find her at your door with no place to live, give her the address of the homeless shelter.
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