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: According to my latest gas bill, I have used 750 kw of gas in 15 days, totally 35 with southern electric. I think this is really high considering I only have the heating in for a couple of Hours in the evening, and have one shower lasting 20 min. I guess I should have shorter showers!

Today I switched off everything at the mains, took a reading, then had a shower, turned on the heating to 20 degrees for twenty min, and boiled some water for some pasta, all using gas.

The reading was 11 kw for half hour of usage, for 65 pence. I've read on various forums where some people say their daily usage is around 50 pence A day.

Is my meter wrong? The boiler seems to have some pressure problem, but I figured when it gets a lot colder, my bills are going to sky rocket.

Does anyone have some comparison figures?

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: How did you measure 11 Kw for gas usage? Kw is an instantaneous measure and has no time factor.
Electricity use is measured in Kwh, gas is measured in cubic metres and converted to Kj using the calorific value.
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