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: I never ever met the person who used to live in my apartment before me. For almost a year now all her mail has continued to come to my address. I get her car insurance bills, credit card bills, bills and notices from her college, magazines, letters you name it it comes to my mailbox. At first, I just wrote "return to sender addressed moved" on everything. When that didn't stop things from coming in I began calling Capital One and Geico and the college to let them know their customer had moved and I didn't know the forwarding address and I wanted her private information to stop coming to my house. It worked like 65%. The volume of mail decreased, but still continued. Then out of nowhere I got a certified letter from her accusing me of taking "special occasion cards with gifts of cash and/or retail gift cards" and "packages with valuable merchandise and gifts". She was demanding that I return her "items" and pay her $750 in lost monies or she was going to take legal action. I called the phone number on the letter and explained to her that I NEVER opened any of her mail and ALWAYS sent it back to the post office unless it was junk flyers or magazines which I simply recycled. She called me a liar and said she was getting a lawyer. Should I be worried!? I don't understand why its MY fault that after almost a year she never bothered to do a change of address at the post office. and her freaking mail is STILL coming in! Serisouly, could I be in trouble here for something I didn't even do? I am extremely worried and upset by this.

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: You have nothing to worry about...tell her to pound sand...If she gets a lawyer...tell him to pound sand...
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: I wouldn't sweat it. This person sounds like a loon who is trying to pull one over on you, you're not going to get into any trouble.
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: Even if she had filled out a change of address card, it's only good for a year so you may get mail after that. She can threaten to sue you all she wants to, she has a very weak case. She has no proof you took any of her stuff and the burden is on HER to provide her current mailing info to these companies. If she doesn't want to update her info on something as important as her credit card, well then that's on her for being stupid. If it would make you feel better, go to the post office directly. Take all this mail with you and tell the carrier or their supervisor that that person hasn't lived there in a year and to please stop delivering their mail to you. That should help take care of part of the problem. If this woman continues to harass you about her mail, I would cover my butt and report it to the police. Tell them the steps you took to send her mail back but now she's harassing you and making false allegations. That way if she tries to pull a stunt by sending a lawyer on you or whatever, your butt is covered by having reported it to the authorities.
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: Don't worry. First, the burden of proof is on her. She'll have to prove that anything of value ever came for her to your address. Second, she'll have to prove that you used/spent anything of hers. If she can prove that a gift card was used, she'll have to prove you're the one who used it. Let her get a lawyer! There is nothing they can do to prove that you have anything of hers, and any judge will find that she should have had a change of address. She's a fraud and trying to scare you into giving her money. If she continues to harass you, tell her you will file harassment charges and sue HER!
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: I wouldn't worry much about it. In fact, threaten to counter sue her for not changing her mailing address. You would have about as much chance of winning that as she would of winning her case. But she probably doesn't know that.
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