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: Hi my name is Alex, im 19 and I'm Bisexual i just came out and am dating a *24 year old guy for a week now. Ive never dated a guy before. He is Very wealthy very successful and very hott... He actually asked me out ... He owns a 2012 AUDI S7 ... and it has every advanced and technology package... it's the prestige trim'... In other words .... HOW THE HELL DID I MANAGE TO ATTRACT A GUY LIKE THIS???!!! *He owns A condo in downtown Orlando Florida which is on the 28th floor with an advanced security *system wher u hav to have Ur thumb scanned to get in...*His Audi has a holograph in the windshield and a front and rear camera including a camera that is night vision ... The car also talks... He is the Vice president of some company and he also owns a 6 bedroom 4 bathroom, house *which has a theatre a gym and a pool in it... He has been to Japan and Switzerland and France ... He is going to Italy this summer... He also has a big flat screen t.v. That is in 3D.... I went To his condo last night and I feel like a freak because he is so rich and I'm so far from it... I like him a lot but I just don't know...But I really like him... We have only been dating a week... *There are many other rich guys he could be dating. I think im going to tell him I can't go through with this.... I feel so weird being around him cuz he so fuckin wealthy and I'm sooooo far from it..... Idk why he is interested in an out of work 19 year old senior repeater who doesn't have a hott body and doesn't have a car and is living with his parents who pays his phone bills and pays for his stuff .... who doesn't have nice stuff like him and not rich like him.... It makes me feel awkward and I don't want him to take care of me I wanna be able to take care of myself and work for my own money. It feels awkward because I feel like he has everything to impress me with but I have nothing to impress him with... *I told him I need to talk to him.... But what do I say to him... I don't wanna ruin the relationship .

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: Maybe he sees something in you that has nothing to do with money. If you just want to have a more simple relationship with him then tell him that. Tell him he doesn't NEED to try and impress you with anything. That you want to get to know each other with simple activities, and maybe give it more then a week before you dismiss him. ;)
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