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: I recently got married and I am trying to get an apartment for my wife and I to live in while I serve active duty in Fort Benning. I'm worrying about my application accepted because I have a few grey marks. I joined up right out of high school so I don't have any rental history. I don't have much credit but I am paying all my bills(phone, car, car insurance) on time for the last 6 months. And one year ago before I joined the army I did some dumb shit and got a misdemeanor for theft. I haven't gotten in trouble since then and I'm trying to put all that behind me. Do you think I have a decent shot though at getting an apartment?

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: You are in the Army, you have a steady income, talk to the housing officer on base, they will help you find military friendly apartments.
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: Does your new wife have any rental history?

Even though you have no rental history you still might find a place. You could have someone co-sign for you, possibly.

As long as you don't have any felonies you shouldn't be turned away.

Why don't you check for housing on base and where are you living now?
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: Yes you will have a hard time renting. Many places do not rent to anyone with no rental history and yes many places will not rent to any criminal record of any kind. Landlord DO NOT just look for felonies like another poster stated. My property for example will not take certain misdemeanors with in 3 yrs.

Every landlord will have different guidelines. All you can do is find one you are interested in, call them & find out what their guidelines are.

What ever you do do not lie on an application that is automatic denial. Just because you do not disclose it up front does not mean they will not find out.
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: Yes, most apartments ask for felony conviction. If you don't have one, then you don't need to tell them about your misdemeanor.
Never, never, never reveal information about you that is not in your favor and that is not asked for.
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