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: Ok so I have a 1gb internet data plan with AT&T, and I exceeded my limit, and AT&T sent me an message saying that an additional 500 mb of data is added and an additional $20 will be on my bill. How do I stop this?!!! I don't even want an extra 500 mb of data!! how do I make it so that when I use all of my data, the internet just slows down instead of them charging me extra money??? they didn't even ask me if I wanted it! I know other cell phone companies give you slow internet instead when you use all of your data. How do I make AT&T do this? I can't pay an addition $20 fee!!!!! this is my first month with AT$T, and the one time charge is already expensive enough, now there's an additional $20???? my mom would go crazy!!! please help! thank you so much.

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