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: I am an 18 year old male high school graduate. I plan on going to college part time in the fall so that I can work part time also. I have lived with my mother and step father for 5 years, and i'm sick of it. I have not enjoyed living with them and I want to move out. They don't want me to move out. They are very controlling and try to control every aspect of my life. They are currently trying to control my college education even though they aren't even helping me pay. They are trying to make me stay on their insurance which I will have to start paying very soon. They have just told me that I will now have to pay a phone bill. They did this to my brother and he's way to old to be living with mom and dad now. They screwed him over by making him pay for these bills, so now he cant save up to leave. I watched it happen and now it's happening to me. They are so controlling. They are nosey and wont stay out of my life. I'm even connected to their bank account. I just want out and now this is the last straw. If I stay any longer I'm stuck here. I'm just so unsure as to how to get out of this situation. I'll be paying for college, rent, bills, and working. It seems impossible right now, but I want out because I can not stand it. If anybody has any answers for me, please help me.

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: The thing is, you are 18 and they no longer have to pay a thing for you. They don't even have to have you under their roof, but they are. I don't think they're trying to hold you back or ruin your life; they're trying to make you responsible.

If it's that bad at home, find some roommates and your cost of living will be much lower. It is tough to work and go to school, but lots of people do it and put themselves through school without living with their parents or getting any kind of financial help from them.

As far as paying for your cell phone, out of all of my daughter's friends, I'm the only parent who is paying for a cell phone. The rest of them all pay their own, they all work part-time, and live at home. They also pay for their own cars and some pay for their own school and some have scholarships.
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: It is reasonable for parents of college kids to ask them to pay for their own cell phones and help around the house.

You need to find some roommates to share cost of living together.
I would put every thing is writing so that the roommates are equal in the deal and no one takes advantage of it.

You might have to get a new bank account in another bank, you can do this .In order to prove your self you need to make this happen.

You can get college loans . Talk to your college counselor and ask for suggestions of how to do this. You will have to be serious about this and work hard and not party. You can do it .
Many of us have successfully gone to college and pay for it.

I am sorry that you are having such a hard time with your family.

You might need to move to another town to get away from the control. My X wants to be in control of my adult kids and they had to make a huge break from them !
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