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: My company has been the target of a phone scam. This has been ongoing now since we got our February phone bill and AT&T has been the absolute opposite of helpful! I am hoping someone here can give me an idea of what we need to do! On January 31st at 3:00 p.m. our phone bill shows that someone in this office made a phone call to Jamaica, phone # 876-277-7737 to be exact. And then again on February 8th (a Saturday. Nobody here works on Saturdays). There are only 4 employee's here in total, and this is a real estate office, we all work from our cell phones. It is a large open office space, no privacy, so any lengthy phone calls would be heard by everyone. The phone call in question on 1-31-14 was over an hour in length. No one called that phone number, no one has ever been on the phone here for anywhere near that long, for any reason, period! Occasionally one of us will have a lengthy conversation with a client, but those take place over our cell phones 100% of the time. AT&T keeps arguing and telling us that there is no way this is a scam and that we absolutely made those calls. No one was even here when one of the "calls" took place! We have researched "1 ring scams" but that is always when you call a phone number back, which we wouldn't do to a private or funny looking number like that. Does anyone have any experience with anything like this? A phone scam that looks like we made the calls?

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: Yes, that is common with AT&T. You could also look into someone hacking into your lines.... but I doubt it.
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