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: I have been a customer with DirecTV since 2010 recently asked for an extension in bill when it came time didn't have all of it but your agent (Ian ) said that because she is an agent and I have been a loyal customer she can accept lower amount and that I just pay the difference in two weeks to avoid being disconnected well she lied too and sat right there on the phone and said no you will not be disconnected.. I woke up to no TV .. I'm upset right now why would she do that ... I told her my circumstances and when I called in it took forever to talk to someone because you are held hostage on the automated side then I got an agent who wanted to out talk me and a supervisor who was no help . the agent who lied to me had more spunk then the supervisor.. I didn't want DirecTV in the first place but my husband liked the Sunday ticket which was waste of his time and eventually cancel it and for me no on demand everything you have to buy something to get something . I recently tried protection plan which I was told was free till a certain day that was a lie I got partial billed for that and I canceled way before the date .. And why did my bill suddenly go up and what's up with the sports charge .I am so mad right now that I just want to tell everybody do not go with DirecTV how could she do that me ..I told them my circumstances and now I feel embarrassed hu ow am I going to explain this

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: You need to learn to use periods and capitalization and proper sentence structure so you don't exhaust the reader of your question. I very confused on what has happened, you've been unclear and have not explained yourself properly.

It is difficult to understand what has happened but the best results will not be found here anyway, you need to speak to higher and higher ups in the company to get your issue resolved, so call them and request to speak to a supervisor, do not take no for an answer. Explain clearly what has happened and if that person does not resolve your issue then you request to speak to that persons supervisor and on up you go until you find someone that will solve the issues you are having. I have done this with countless companies when there have been problems. I always go in order. At times I have gotten almost up to the company president before getting a resolution. You have to stand up for yourself sometimes or people will walk all over you.
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