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: Where to begin? Im a 16 year old teenage girl and for the past few months my mom and I have been fighting nonstop. My mom is a very strong willed person. She likes to be different than everyone else, and is not afraid to just be plain weird. She also is very stubborn, and when she has an opinion then that opinion is the only right one around. Its her way or the highway. And this is where we run into trouble because there have been so many punishments I have been given for doing stupid things. But, my mom believes its what I deserve. For example, once I took the trash out "the wrong way" and my phone was taken from me for two weeks. The best part is that phone is completely mine, I paid for the entire thing AND pay for the monthly bills. Yet she took it away. Another time I didn't promise her something, and because I didnt "promise" I had all technology taken away from me for a week. On top of the unreasonable punishments, shes just downright embarrassing. She will purposley act weird infront of my friends and actually scares them. I know that my attitude and disrespect can contribute to the fights we have but she plays a huge role in them too. I have tried talking with her about it, calmly and just bringing forth my opinion, but she wont intently listen. She is very awkward to talk too about boys, girl issues, and emotions, so when I try to bring up problems she literally shuts down and the conversations go nowhere. I just don't know what to do anymore :(

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