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: I'm 15 and my mam pays for my phone bill so we are in like a joint network,because she doesn't use much internet on her phone we decided we would share our mobile data and that help cut the cost,and I have the majority of the mobile data internet. However it's kind of a major problem that on just the app Instagram all notifications also go to her phone,this means she can see my photos which I'm cool with but it is a bit awkward and she gets notifications at 3/4 am in the morning when random people have like my photo,which is understandably annoying but she has too keep her phone on loud whereas I can put mine on silent and I've switched notifications off,I don't understand how this could have happened? My mam doesn't have Instagram? It's incredibly annoying can anyone explain or help??? I have an iPhone 5s and she has a galaxy s3 I think,okay thanks

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