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: Some background: a couple moved into the apartment i was staying in w/ my folks, after my folks moved. Then, they invited their friend to sleep on the couch to help out with their rent. I pay 500 +share of bills, and they split 1200 (between three people)...
I work two jobs and my bf works full time, so most of when we see eachother during work weeks is at night, and he spends it in my room with me. (I have a dog that isnt allowed at his place or else id be over there).
Lately the male roomate complained that he needs to pay rent or he cant come over. Mind you, he doesnt shower here, doesnt keep food here, doesnt even charge his phone here!
When we have time during the day, we spend it outside doing activities, basically never inside except for night.

Do i have a right to have him over or am i in the wrong?
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: I don't see how you're bothering anyone since your boyfriend spends the time with you in your room. Your male room mate is over reacting (or jealous???)

You have the right to have a guest in your own home, yes.
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