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: My parents might restrict my phone at night so I can't call or text.

How could I continue to talk on my phone at night if they restrict it?

Could I buy another cheap phone and pay the phone bill myself? What are the requirements for this? I'm 15 and have a debit card. Would that be enough, or do I have to be older?

Any information would be great, thanks in advance.
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: If you have a smartphone you can download any one of the apps that allow you to text and make phone calls. Textplus, textfree, etc. If you don't you can always buy a prepaid phone or smartphone.

Your debit card would definitely work for a prepaid phone. You can get one for really cheap on Amazon. Tracphones are really cheap but their service isn't the best. I know AT&T has a prepaid plan that is $3 for unlimited texts and minutes only on the days you use it. I'll provide a few links for you in the source box.
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