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: My parents don't like the sound of a high monthly bill and I have tried EVERYTHING to get an iPhone. The iPhone 5 is far too expensive, but I found a way to get an iPhone 4s and only pay $25.00 a month. The phone would cost about $375.00 on kijiji, but if I had the phone for 3 years (36 months) on a pay as you go plan, it would cost about $1250.00, which is not bad in comparison to the 3 year cost of an iPhone 5 (approx. $2160.00). I would have to pay for the phone myself, but is it really worth it or should I just have fun with my money and go shopping and stuff with it? Should I get an iPhone 4s? What colour?

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: Search on google. You will get the main results. There are no expert here who can tell you everything perfectly.
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