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: I want to find a job in New York, please will someone share a job
finder site with me, one that works too, please tell me your
experiences. Basically, I want to move to New York City and try and
get noticed for my dancing but obviously I need a day job, because my
dreams don't pay the bills yet =(
So yeah, who's hiring in New York? I'm really excited about my plans
for the future but I need to be in the right place at the right time
and the biggest hurdle is I have to find a job in New York.

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: Who is hiring in NYC. There is a shortage of people to drive commercial trucks all over the country, including in NYC. Can you drive a semi?
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: My friend, the job market in New York City is the very competitive at the moment. Everyone on out of work is trying to find a job in the city, and the as the economy is a downturn, a lot of company don't want to spend the money to hire new people.

You can still fine a job in New York City, but your will be competing with folks who are sill looking and college grads.

Good luck
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