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: To answer the first question that comes to every ones mind, YES I pay my bills as they come in. The problem is, the items on my credit report are for bills that I have NEVER received. I have contacted the hospital billing office on several occasions and have been given the run around and ultimately had to contact my insurance company, only to find the hospital had mis coded their billing to them.This action corrected some of the issues, but the same thing keeps popping up over and over. It all sounds like I am playing the poor "victim" who is actually a deadbeat, at least in the eyes of these collection agency scum, but I honestly never received these bills to match their amounts reported against my credit. I have asked the collection agencies to PLEASE send me an itemization so I can cross reference the service dates and have received NOTHING. They just continue to report collections! The hospital billing office has multiple accounts opened for my daughter and I have pleaded with them to consolidate her into one account to manage this better, but they have done nothing! This is a nightmare for my credit score and quality of life related to my score. What can I do about this?????

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: The only thing anyone can usually do against collection agencies is to sue them. Their whole business model is built on the premise that most people are too timid to sue. You need lots of evidence, so you should be recording their calls and/or communicating with them in writing. And don't just sue to get them to stop harassing you. Try to get money for what they've done to you, causing you a nightmare and waste of valuable time.
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