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: Someone rear-ended me at a red light about a month ago. They admitted to being at fault and so did the ins. co. The ins. co. told me to open a pip claim up with my own ins. co. So I did but I never went to doctor cause honestly I have such a little bit of money that I don't go anywhere except work.

I need my money to pay bills. So my husband actually bike rides for groceries, etc.

I also don't like the professionals in the area I live in they charge outrageous fees so I don't want to deal with any doctor or chiropractor out here.

The other ins. co. told me after I open the pip he could also give me $500 for inconvenience. Both my husband and I were in vehicle at the time. I think they are lucky I didn't go straight to an attorney. It has been more than 30 days and whatever the stiffness was in neck has now changed. I have had extreme dizziness when I wake up and try to stand up, etc. It's really scary cause it's like I get so dizzy I pass out.

I am wondering...if I call the other drivers' insurance company and tell them I don't want to go to the doctor but will close the case if they can offer me a fair amount will they do this?

I was hoping the could give each one of us $1000 and I could go to a chiropractor in a different area who will be able to help me with a few adjustments and maybe other in the future. He only charges $30 but I would like to pay him more cause he used to only take donations so I want to give him much more.

If I call the ins. co. do you think they will say yes or do I have to call an attorney which I know is going to cost them a whole lot more?
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