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: My sister in ll\aw and I have never quite gotten along. She's spread malicious rumors about me, saying that my daughter didn't belong to my husband and that I was on drugs and such. (Which are all untrue)
She is very messy. Well disgusting is more accurate. Her home has always been absolutely filthy. She is irresponsible and rude. She cannot handle money well at all.
For instance, she used to receive 3,000 dollars every 6 months because her husband was in the army and was enrolled in college. Rather than pay their bills, they'd buy 100$ coffee makers, big screen TVs, and such while their power bill was overdue. I tried living with them twice and well, I'm a very clean and organized person, so I went crazy ultimately. They'd put their two children in the room with my husband and I and our daughter. They'd leave the house without telling us, while she was still breastfeeding, then stay gone for hours at a time. To make matters worse, her husband is a complete pervert who would make sexual comments to me and even groped me before even after stating that i was in no way interested. They live with my husband's father who is disabled but sells his pain pills to anyone and everyone. My sister in law and her husband have also hit my child and left bruises and welts on her. Even after I told them that they were not allowed to physically discipline her. (She smacked my daughter's leg so hard she left bruises because my daughter was standing in front of the tv while she was watching it. My daughter is only two.)
But recently, she called me 'white trash' on facebook and insulted me as wife and mother. Well not only is that an insult to me but my child as well because she is half of me. So after all of this, I've stated she is by no means allowed around my daughter. She is a negative influence nd I need to look out for my daughter's best interest. The situation is this:
My mother in law invited my sister in law down to our home without me knowing. For an entire week. I've told her and my husband that Anna and i will stay in a hotel until they leave as a way to keep the peace. At first they were both like 'sure'. Now however my mother in law is saying that we'll all be going out to places together. I am definitely not okay with this. My sister in law has no involvement with my daughter or myself. If my husband wants to see her and her children, so be it. Her children are rude, violent, and frankly just beyond irritating. (They misbehave, throw tantrums, and cuss like there's no tomorrow. they are also toddlers.) I have tried talking this through but it seems that it isn't going through anyone elses head! What should I do? :/

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: Cut all contact with them. It's not worth it.
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