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: My sister is getting married this August & she is the process of creating her wedding invitations. Last time I spoke to her she mentioned to me that her & her fiance were thinking of putting No Boxed Gifts at the bottom of the invitation. She asked me for my opinion and I told her how distasteful I thought it was, however, her fiance disagreed and said that most of the time when people buy you gifts as a wedding present it's usually something that will never be put to good use & that cash gifts are better because they can help pay for a honeymoon and wedding bills. They both got out of school not too long ago and have a tremendous amount of school loans on their shoulders but either way this seems extremely tacky to me. What do you guys think?

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: You never ask for gifts (other than making a registry)

You never tell guests NOT to give you gifts.

You never tell guests what gifts to get you.

You never tell guests what gifts to not get you.

If you get a gift (no matter what it is) you graciously accept it.
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: Very tacky. You cannot mention gifts on an invitation and it is rude to expect any kind of gift. These people have no class.
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: I do think it's tacky.
I completely understand that cash is better, but lets face it, unless someone brings up the topic and asks what you want, it's completely inappropriate to bring gifts up. In the event, however, that someone does asks it is acceptable to tell them that they would prefer cash (which is always more awkward to give) and then provide the reason.

Congratulations on her wedding! :)
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: yes, it is tacky
but what can you do?
some people have tried to make this suggestion cute by having a "money tree" or a "money basket" or a "money mailbox" on the gift table

that is ok ONLY if you DON'T mention it on the invitation
some people like giving money
others don't
so the right thing to do would have been to have a receptacle for money gifts at the gift table but LET people do what they want instead of being a nazi about it and TELLING people what to do, yeeesh
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