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: there is no money left to pay outstanding bills credit cards etc and he left a 66,000 dollar mortgage. am i responsible in any way to pay these debts
i did not cosign the mortgage and we have been divorced 15 years so i did not build up the debt

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: If you signed the mortgage you are.

If not, no.
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: Not if you are not a consignor on them . if you dont pay the mortgage you will lose the house. if he left life insurance that is not part of his estate and you do not have to pay his debts with it
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: YES ! Most likely you helped build up the Debt. You could sell the house and pay off your Debts.
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: No, you are not responsible.
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: You know that there are two kinds of debt- secured and unsecured. The mortgage is a secured debt; if no one pays the mortgage, the lender forecloses. Credit cards are unsecured debts; if the debtor has no co-signors, the creditor has no recourse. Oh, everyone will want to see an accounting of the estate- This much in assets, that much in debts. If the amounts are substantial, the different creditors may arm-wrestle each other to see who gets paid off and who's left dangling in the breeze. If any creditors ask you to pay his debts, ask them for a copy of the obligation with your signature. We can't know, but it's *possible* he used your name on a credit card.

Since you've been divorced so long but are his executrix, it seems you have a close relationship. Anticipate creditors to tell you to pay off his debts.

Life insurance goes to the beneficiary, not the creditors. (Though possible, it's very unlikely that any creditor would be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.)

If any of his creditors make you uncomfortable ("You gotta pay his debts!") you may want to consult an attorney for your own peace of mind.
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