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: Tommy Hefflinger

Thomas Hefflinger

http://pdxmugshots /clackamas/mug/thomas-john-hefflinger

I am looking for this guy, only pic I could find is the one that was on PDX Mugshots.. Great!

I met Tommy in a bar a couple of months ago, after dating for a couple of months, he has disappeared and I am having difficulting locating him to get my money back that he has borrowed...

I'm sure I can not be the only girl that has ran into this guy, he likes to spend a majority of his free time in dive bars, yes.. I did find him in one, but I have learned my lesson. You will recognize that he always pays for everything with Pre-Paid gift cards and claim that clients have given them to him. He will always take a cab everywhere, he claims he drives a black mercedes and went to Stanford College, which after 3 months I find out none is true, he still lives at his parents house/sisters, claiming he has condos downtown, you will have probably already ran into situations and lame excuses with him when it comes to money and his wallet, he always claims he has forgotten or lost, therefore leaving you stuck with paying bill.... Hints, why I am looking for him.... One night I received call from him he was stuck at MVP in Portland, OR a place he likes to frequent, and unable to pay his bar bill...He was begging for me to come bail him out and I did... My bad, because now he has dissappeared and has not paid me back for all of the money for times I bailed him out... LOL... I know I can not be the only girl that has ran into this d-bag...

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: I've changed my name and had plastic surgery.
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: You really can't be that stupid. I'm surprised you aren't pregnant already. "Oh, Tommy put his penis in me and promised he wouldn't get me pregnant." "Gosh, you need me to bail you out of jail and you need bail money along with money to move to another apartment? Sure, I'll be glad to help you out."

Where were you when I was selling time shares, condos, and used cars you freaking, stupid bimbo?
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