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: I am going thru a nasty divorce, my wife is on drugs. We have been seperated for 6 months. I have been staying in a weekly motel for the last 6 weeks. I am the only guest staying in the room. Today my younger sister stopped by, I asked her to wait in the room while I went to pay my phone bill. While I was gone, one of the motel staff unlocked my door for my wife. I never gave them permission, and they have never seen her before. So they could have let a complete stranger into my room. She stole $200 worth of property. Is there anything I can do against the motel? The police said they helped her commit a crime and they may be liable. I tried kalling the office and they have not kalled back. What can I do about them letting her in. She had no proof we were married.

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: she broke in and id hit her with all you got call the cops and say it is a burglary and i know who has mt stuff they have to do something
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: No. You've posted this nonsense several times. What's up?
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: The only reason they should let anyone into your hotel room is if you have given permission or checked in with them. If they do not have that person on record for that room they should not let them in. They are 100% responsible for your property. I wouldn't of called, I would of stormed down to the office and demanded to speak with the hotel manager. Explain what happened and tell them that you want them to replace the items she stole or you will sue them. If they do not cooperate than call the police and have an officer there so you can make an official statement. Make sure you document everything. Not just for the hotel staff but for court with your wife as well. Just in case. Good luck!

@xpatinasia....reread his past questions. The last one was saying that his wife was demanding 200 dollars or he couldn't see his son. This one is saying that she just decided to steal it. None of the questions are the same. If anything it is a story. You can read his questions and follow what is going on pretty well.
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: File a police report, hire an attorney and move to a hotel as soon as you're able. You might want to check with your home owners insurance to see if motel room break ins are covered under your policy. Good luck.
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: Your wife did not break in. However, she did burglarize you with the assistance of the motel staff. They should, without a doubt, be held responsible. They could have taken preventative actions but they did not. Take a toast to the legal system.
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