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: I know for a fact there is a hospital in Fort Worth, Texas that pays for two of the above. I also know for a fact that illegal immigrants and their children get free adult education and education for their children. I have not talked to one taxpayer who knows who makes these decisions?

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: The DNC only wants them to vote.
(at any cost)
Then they can all burn in hell.
The DNC only wants power.
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: does it really matter ? why are you so mean spirited to people who have nothing ?
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: Who's telling you they don't receive money? That's one of the biggest argument about illegal immigration: the fact that they are here illegally at the taxpayer's expense.

And who made these decisions? Basically, it came down from the US Supreme Court that they (illegals) do have a right to public education and basic healthcare.

Personally, I can understand basic healthcare (life threatening or emergency situations only). They are still humans even if they are here illegally. But beyond that, I don't like the fact that my money pays for their stuffy noses. And I don't see where public education is a right, so I don't agree with that either.
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: The tax payers.
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