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: The majority of the legal citizens of the United States work and pay taxes. We have to budget our money and can't spend more then we bring in. Why hasn't the government learned that? As an elected official, why is your salary double, triple, or more then the average American? Will you take a cut in pay to keep your job? When you are not reelected, will you accept a pension equivalent to your job performance? Will you work to help the public by offering incentives for companies that hire the college graduate that has the education but not the experience? Will you offer incentives for the business that hires a person that had been on unemployment? Will you cut your salary by 25% and foreign aid by 50% and reduce your expenses by 75% and put that money in a fund to assist Americans to get back on their feet? Will you stop illegal immigration? Will you notice the American public complaints and demonstrate a willingness to resolve - illegal immigration, welfare fraud, unemployment, medicare and social security? And last but not least, will you strive to pass laws or bills for one item only and not play the games of if you vote for my law I'll put your item in and it will be automatically agreed upon. Stop playing games and and explain how you will do the job that you are getting paid for.

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: Government will never stop to stand on their own. they are like a crippled old man that needs a cane. when they brake their cane, they seek out taxes and deduction in American pay to buy that new cane. Their compensation will rise until they will eventually brake. then they will have to reimburse us citizens. :)
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: YES. I will do all those things...IF you promise to hire me as a lobbyist or consultant for an annual fee of $800,000 per year when my terms up! And I would also like to play golf in Scotland at least three times a year.

If you cannot then I'm afraid I'm going to have to do the things that the "people" who CAN do that for me want me to do.

Thanks for voting!
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