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: So my dad got fired like 2 years ago.Ever since then,he's been staying with us of course(i mean he is my dad why wouldn't he?) But recently my mom has been getting pissed off. My mom cares alot about money. And the fact that my dad is sitting around and not even trying to get money somwehowand is basically mooching off us,is getting her really pissed off. In the beginning i was on my dad'side. I even told my mom he doesn'y have anywhere to go. And he's my dad you know? But now he's becoming really annoying to me,he's kind of like dead weight. So now i can't wait to see him go. Like last month,he's told my mom he's moving out in the middle of november. November passed and HE'S STILL HERE. Now my mom's mad because he played her. And i REALLY don't like that.It's like he's asking to be kicked out. I feel like he's just two-timing my mom and mooching off uS. And i don't like that. My mom is the only one making money. I told my mom i could get a job. But she told me "It's not your place, you just worry about school." And i am caring about school. I actually made honor roll last month. I can see why my mom's mad. I mean she's working hard to make money,and pay all the bills by herself, and she has to come home to this lazy moocher. She keeps telling me that the only way to make him move out is to not renew her lease and move down to live her parents, (My grandparents) But i told my mom that she shouldn't have to give up everything she worked for just to get away from him. It's stupid. So yes at this point i wish my dad would leave and go somewhere. I don't think i'd miss him. But the problem is my mom is the main one complaining and yet isn't nudging it at all. And my mom is someone who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. And yet she can't even tell my dad to get lost. So i have to know how can i tell my dad that there's just not enough room for him and he's gotta get lost?

I know i sound mean. Ecspeciall since he's my dad, But this is just my thinking. If you aren't bringing home the bacon, and you PURPOSELY don't care. and you're taking advantage of other people,the i don't think you deserve to live somewhere, BASICALLY FOR FREE i just don't like moochers and liars. that's all.
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: Tell him to get a job.
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: If they are divorced or separated, your mother might be able to have him evicted with the landlord's help. Maybe you should do some research online and in books. Your mother won't do that, so you must start the process if you want him gone. Then inform your mother of the results of your research.

If eviction is not practical then, yes, you all could move away to a new location without him. You can't change your father, so do that, if that is what it takes.

You should not tell him to leave until you know your mother will agree and demand that he leave.
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