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: my dads girlfriend moved in with us 3 years ago since moving in she has been very cold towards me she is a quiet person in herself and so am i. i always thought she was a nice person just a little quiet but when she moved in it feels like she is trying to drive me out of the house i would gladly move out but unfortunatly i am training to be a vet nurse and do not earn enough money to get a morgage or rent. she doesnt let us put the heating on and always opens all the windows in the house so its freezing even though i am giving them more than enough rent money(250) to pay the gas bill i have had to resort to getting a fan heater for my room i feel guilty as it is an extra expense to have that running than to just keep the heating on she also has a problem with cleaning she does it now and then but i mostly do all the cleaning which is tiring with working 40-50 hrs weeks and college as well. when i do the cleaning i have heard her whilst im in my room chattering to herself about what a rubbish job ive done right outside my room so i can hear i clean as part of my job so i would think im quite good at it so dont understand her problem she also mutters nasty comments about me whilst outside my room i mostly stay in my room out of the way its just easier and i feel bad about that as well as my dad misses my company and wishes that we could all sit downstairs together she has reccently bought her own house 4 months ago but as yet has not moved into it?? dont understand why i just want her to leave me alone i dont understand why she is doing this has anyone else experienced this themselves or can any one offer any advise?

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: She's jealous because your dad loves you and pays more attention to you than anyone.
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: Talk to your dad about it, your his child you will always come first to him. Talk to him about how you feel and what you think could be better. And if he complains your jealous or something just tell him what she's like. You say he misses your company tell him why your not there. Or get even with her make her life a living missery so she'll leave your dad can't get rid of you but you can drive her out. But do it cleverly so your innocent while you do it :D have fun
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: Have you spoken to your dad about this ?
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: She wants your father all to herself and she wants you out of the way. She's hoping you'll get frustrated and leave or you'll start a screaming match with her so she can bad mouth you to your dad. If you get along with your dad tell him you're trying your best to stay out of their way and you're pulling as much weight as you can but his Gf keeps treating you garbage.
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: I also have a bitchy dad's girlfriend who treats me like dirt. There's not much you can do, the only thing you can do is ignore her, spend time with your Dad and act as if she isn't there. If you do have to talk to her, just be polite. Just wait until you can move out. She seems a bit 'weird' if she mutters to herself! Just bear with her, shut windows she opens, turn on the heating when she doesn't want it on. You can even have a bit of fun ;) Or talk to your Dad about it, in a polite way.
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