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: I've been screwed by Bally Fitness with lifetime membership (although its $100 per year now) and I was forced by family members to sign up my cousins who are minors... I tried to avoid potential problem by paying their 2 year contracts in advance and with cash... I read the contract and its not renewable.

The only thing is that the club manager took a copy of my license and I was thinking if Bally were to screw me over and if I were to get a collection bill, could that affect my score with just that info?

P.S... my original contract has a fake SS# since I was a minor at the time of joining 7 years ago.
Thanks Huntsman... I'm just afraid I will have to be liable for my cousins account who are minors as well... which is the reason they took a copy of my license.

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: You are not responsible.
You were a minor when you signed up
A minor cannot sign a legally binding contract
If it shows up on your credit reports - just dispute it with this reason
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Annual Credit Report
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: Make sure that you send a letter about 60 days before the contracts expire, saying that you do not want to renew the contract -- just to cover yourself.

Collection agencies do not need your social security number to report you to the credit bureau. The info on your driver's license is more than enough -- name, address, date of birth.
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