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: I just moved in with a room-mate (my husband, daughter and myself). And we got these neighbors that at first were ok. Now they are coming over everyday to use our internet, our telephone, our cable (cause they are too cheap to get theirs turned back on). Oh heck the neighbor even had the audacity to ask for a ride to work (he pays $5 gas sometimes but that's not the point). He mooches cigarettes and coke (very rare and seldom does he buy any though) and even when he knows it is around our supper time he and his family will come up to eat. I have told him point and point again that we cannot afford to feed our family and his too. For the past 2 months we have lived on half what he and his family does. And still have a moving and legal vehicle, garbage removal, food, telephone, internet and cable. A few times they even asked to come up and do laundry (of which we even have a washer and dryer). Thing is I keep our door unlocked (and they walk right in). So basically since we moved in with our room-mate we'd been supporting him, ourselves and the neighbors. If they were truely hard up I could possibly understand. But they make twice as much as we do (for the same amount of people). And his kids are always HUNGRY when they come here (eatting my two year olds lunches). As well as his live in girl friend or whatever you want to call her. Goes on a crack binge once a month (Yes I know for a fact that she does it...even taking bill money out of his underpants for her habit, but hey that ain't my problem if she can do that they can pay bills and feed their kids). But as a problem also I know for a fact that they abuse the welfare system (which makes it even worse one for doing that two for the fact that they still depend on us). Imagine the fact that 4 people living off of $698 a month and still manage to get by. And 4 moochers if you will living off of $1400 plus still mooching off of us. Normally this would still be a pretty big problem, but I am 7 months pregnant and it is just irritating the heck out of me.

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