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: My brother started dating my now SIL in 2004, my mom and dad treated her like a daughter, as soon as they found out that they were engaged they started saving for the wedding. Sadly our dad died a year later leaving my mom a widow after 35 years of marriage. My SIL was a great support to my brother at this time. They came to my mom for money a few months later to buy things for the wedding and as she already promised with my dad she started writing cheques. It turned out after the wedding as my mom was accidently sent the bill from the venue, and it turned out that she paid about 80% of that wedding and they even got her to pay for their honeymoon to America for 2 weeks as well, her family aren't hard up, as they were both in decent jobs but they'd rather leave it upto the widow to pay for it, her fathers suit for the wedding was even paid for by my mom! at the wedding my mom endured nasty remarkes from my SIL and her mother, my mom and my side of the family was treated like dirt and she went away in tears, This is the honest truth my mom has never done anything to my SIL for her to behave like this towards her. After they were married she even said 'he's mine now' why did she have to say that for? Mothers days have always been awful for my mom too! My brother and SIL invited her mother and my mother out for mothers day to Cadbury World- in the morning my mom asked how much she owed my brother for the ticket and he said pay me later, my SIL's mother heard this and went over to my mom and gloated 'isn't this nice, theyve bought me a lovely necklace and even treated me to this' knowing that mom had to pay for her own ticket. Anyway my mom asked my brother about this and he turned round and said 'in furture remind me to treat you both the same' why did he have to say that for? It's always been like this theyve never once taken my mom out for meals even though she doesnt expect them to, but i see what they do and it's not nice that they treat my mother like this and they tell us about it as well it's like they get some sort of sick satisfaction by hurting my moms feelings! Anyway in 2010 my mom was diagnosed with cancer and i took time out of uni and moved back home to look after her, my SIL ran her upto the hospital a couple of times and my mom even had to pay her for the small amount of petrol she used, i thougt families were meant to help out in times like these obviously not when it comes to my family! My mom was given the all clear later in the year and she wanted to go on a family holiday as soemthing to look forward to after 5 years of hell, she sold her house earlier in the year and used some of the money form the move to pay for all 4 of us to go on holiday. The whole time we were away my SIL was absolutely vile , she was in a constant mood, it was like walking on egg shells the entire time, she even ruined mothers day as she was in a sulk and wouldn't speak to my mom and she hadnt done anything to her for her to treat her that way, she was acting as if she paid for the holiday and we were a nuisance, if she didnt want to go on a family holiday she should'nt have accepted the invitation. Jump forward to this month and its my brothers birthday on the 26th, back in feb this year we were aked if we wanted to go to the theatre with both of them and her mother, we accepted and paid our tickets, we went round to their house yesterday and my mom askeed what time to meet next week as they had'nt mentioned it to us, and he said 'dont know yet, will let you know' and my SIL decided to tell me with a smile that my brother, SIL and her own mother are seeing a play in the morning and then going to a restaurant afterward and then will meet up sometime in the evening, considering her mother didnt give birth to him, why didn't they invite my mom to the meal? and why tell me about it as well? i'm sure she gets a kick out of being spiteful! i mentioned to my brother yesterday why he didnt invite my mom, and he didnt reply back, so i asked him again this morning and said in his text 'what the hell are going on about? -------- is taking me out for dinner. Is that allowed? Just to suit you I will cancel it. those were his exact words in his text and its not just his wife whoes going to dinner hes taking her mother too and snubbing our mom. I think any mother would agree that a child who invites their mother-in-law out for their birthday meal and not their own mother would be upset! I dont know why he thinks it ok to let his wife disrespect his mom and make rude remarks about her, and I dont know why he treats her with contempt, she has never interfered shes always left them to it, always waited for an invite before going round, has always helped them when they asked. I really dont know why they are like it, it upsets me, I dont know how long my mom will be around for, I already lost my dad at a young age and its not fair the way they

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: Some people are just ignorant & unfortunately that goes for your brother too.
Try not to let it get to you.
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: DO not get involved with them and their daily lives, too upsetting and less stressful, your brother is a dork .......live your lives without them in it.
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