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: Here's the short of it:
I called and changed my account from a home phone and internet to just internet through Verizon home services about five months ago. At the time I was VERY behind (Ashamed to admit but hey, it happens) and I was trying to catch up. So I paid the past due amount and was rather surprised to see a credit on my next bills, so I called and confirmed that that was indeed correct, and was assured that I did not owe them any more money and have not since received any bills or notification stating I owe them any amount.

Now that I've gone and cancelled them they informed me over the phone that I will have to pay an early termination fee for a contract I never knew I agreed to and was never informed of AND I got a letter five days after that from a bill collector on their behalf stating I owe them the money I was previously assured had been paid off.

Of course I stupidly did not keep receipts from this or ask for any sort of email or written confirmation that I was squared away, does anyone know of ANY sort of action I can take to alleviate either problem (The early termination fee for the contract I was not notified of or the sudden charge I was assured was cleared) even partially?

This has been by far the worst customer service experience I've ever had the displeasure of taking part in.

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: You did not read the fine print because they VERYT, VERY clearly let you know there are early termination fees associated with most of their services.

Unfortunately for you, unless you presnet a debit transaction on your checking account or a cancelled check you do not have proof of payment. Do or can you go online and get back statements that might show their records to show your payment? Good luck.
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