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: After high school I got a job as a waitress and rented an apartment, paying for everything on my own. My parents (who are rather well off) contacted me and told me if I attended college than they would pay for my living expenses as well as school. I weighed the options -- work vs. school -- and chose school. Hence forth my parents have been paying my living expenses plus a bit extra for extraneous expenses. My past roommates have taken advantage of this fact, not paying all of their bills because they know it will be covered by my extraneous expenses (I receive $2000 a month total, nothing too extreme), leaving me short for the rest of my bills. Yet they justify it by saying, "Well, I work for MY money. And you don't have to do anything..." Although I do attend college full time and have held a job since I was 15 years old. Why is this?
I didn't ask for the money; I only accepted it. Why does that make me any less worthy? Also, I lend money to friends in need whenever I can, without a doubt. My previous roommate still owes me $600, after 5 months. All the bills were in my name since I have good credit. So if they didn't pay, I would be responsible.
Also, the guy who still owes me $600, his parents are very very well off, yet don't give him anything. They repaid me $400 one time when he asked them to, but I don't even badger him about the money or anything. I'm pretty sure I'm not snobby also, I wasn't always given money. I've worked in snow cone huts, mowed soccer fields, worked at pizza places, was the rat at chuck e. cheese's, I've held many jobs and believe me, I am not stuck up.
Thank you Bobby Joe. I do fully intend to pay my parents back when I am financially capable of doing so, though they have never asked. I appreciate everyone's responses very much.

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: I think it comes from jealous.
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: Jealousy, nothing more. People hate it when other people are luckier than they are.
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: People hate you because they want something you have and they are jealous. A lot of people don't like me either. Don't feel bad.
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: Because we slave our ass off to work and still have no money while the ones just chill at home collecting warefare and disability checks and nothing wrong with ya.
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: maybe its the way you hold yourself. are you snobby ? maybe you shouldnt show it off too much.

but what do i know ? you may be the nicest girl ever. they are probably just jealous they dont have your benefits of parents who have money. jealousy makes people say mean things.

dont take it too personally.
hope this helped you
~ kaite xx
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: Life isn't fair. Sad but true. And when people see someone who has it easier in the money-department they'll interpret things in a way to please their own sense of justice; either by associating negative traits with the person in question (arrogant ecc.) or, like in your case, by leaving all the expenses to you. Are these people your friends? Because I'm wondering why you have roomates at all.
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: Kick em out
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: A lot of people don't have a lot of money so they have to work 1 or sometimes 2 jobs while they go to school in order to pay for their school and living expenses. This could make them jelous when they see someone who doesn't have to work for their money, but they will get over it. It is important that you are taking advantage of this oppertunity and the best thing you can do is not worry about it and just do as well in school as you possibly can. Then maybe when you are older you can pay your parents back if you feel so inclined. I have a similar situation to you because when i was born my grandfather opened up a college fund account for me and now it totals around 40,000, so i get 1,200 a month, for rent/ housing/ living expenses. This does not include the actuall tuition and books that he pays for as well.
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: They probably think it's not fair and think that they shouldn't have to work so hard when the other people are doing nothing...
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