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: I am on a family plan with my best friend, but she hasn't paid the bill in about two years, relying on payment arrangements and my always on-time payments (without asking me if I minded). Naturally I want to get off this raw deal and let her try to swim on her own, but there is a massive past due balance (which I have cleared for her twice now, but she still keeps on racking it back up...) I need to keep my number because my dad has memory and medical issues. Will I be able to port my number to another carrier if the phone is connected but there's a past due balance on the account?
I am on AT&T and have an iPhone. I don't mind either jailbreaking it to use elsewhere or just using it as a PDA or something and getting a voice only phone. My main concern is the phone number and my phone number not being suspended or cut off.

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: Normally carriers do not allow any account changes until previous balance is cleared, so most likely not. What carrier are you on?
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