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: Last October, I was discharged from the Army. The only debt I had at the time of discharge was a lost pair of shooting glasses, which I paid for up front at the CIF Annex at Fort Benning, GA. Now, almost 9 months later, I've received a series of letters from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, claiming that, for no stated reason, I owe them nearly $900. Upon calling to inquire as to the reason for the charges, I was told by a Treasury employee with access to the case file that there was literally NO reason for the charges. I have been unemployed since being discharged, and have been living with my girlfriend for the past several months because I can't afford to live on my own anymore. How am I supposed to pay this bogus bill, if I don't even have that much money left in my savings account?

What I want to know is, is it possible to sue the US government for extortion and/or harassment?
If I can't sue them, am I supposed to just sell off all my property to pay them, and become homeless?
Since I haven't actually been damaged yet, am I supposed to just not pay until I apply for a loan and get rejected due to ruined credit? This is BS. Screw the government.
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: No you can not sue them.
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: You may sue anyone, for anything, anytime. You won't win this one. They've not damaged you. If they follow through, you'll get your day in court. If they list it on a credit report, for example, you then have grounds for action.
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: The short answer is no.

You have to have the government's permission to sue them, and yours is an accounting issue that can be easily cleared up as soon as someone takes ownership of the issue. Also, you haven't lost anything. What would you sue for if you have no losses?

- Stuart
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: You can sue if you like, but can you win is the question? Probably not, but tell them you need a breakdown of every dollar of the $900 as to what they are charging you for, because if you really don't know what you're paying for, why would you pay? They must have a reason for the $900, and they should tell you first.
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