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: I am trying to fill out information to receive funding for school, and it is asking about common law/conjugal relationships.
So here is our situation, I would like to know if we would be considered common-law or not, so I don't file it wrong and get slapped with money to be returned.

My boyfriend, his best friend & I moved into together on June, 2013.
We split the rent and household bills 3 ways, so we are all paying the exact same.
He is 22, and I am 21 almost 22.
We have separate bank accounts, however we are both joint on each other accounts for specific reasons. (I didn't have a bank account when we started dating, so he added me to his account so I was able to cash my pay checks. Or if I was working days, he could cash it for me if I couldn't get to the bank. / He works in an area where there is only one bank -which I have an account at-, he works 7am-7pm so he doesn't have the opportunity to cash it when he gets off at his own bank, so he uses my account to cash his pay so he doesn't have to pay additional fees for not having an account)
Our money is kept separate, any money borrowed, it is repaid.
We rarely spend holidays together, we each go with our own family.
We have no children together.
We own nothing that is in both of our names.

Anything else that would contribute to deciding if we are or not, I can answer if need be.

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: We actually live in Nova Scotia, Canada.
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: Regardless of all the details you have listed, if you are living together in a relationship, then you are common law!
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: Common-Law couples are NOT legally recognized in England, and have NO legal standing. Though the term is used to describe a couple living together, it does NOT give you any legal entitlements to ANYTHING.
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