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: My boyfriend and I met online we have been together for 1 1/2 yrs he told me up front he was divorced and had 2 kids. (I have one adult child). He moved in with me 6mos ago and things were going great about a mo ago he lost his job and now is only working 2 days a week leaving me to pay all bills alone. I recently saw a Facebook private inbox message to his ex girlfriend and soon realized he in fact has a 3rd child. The message from her was sent 4yrs ago stating she wanted nothing to do with him and she did not want him in the child's life. She wanted to do it on her own. That's problem 1. Problem 2 he sent her a message 2 days ago saying "she's beautiful (speaking of the child) and hope all is well". So when I confronted him he tells me that he told his gf before me about the situation up front and she left him wanted nothing to do with him do he said he didn't tell me for fear I would leave. He said he realized sending that message was disrespectful to me and that it meant nothing to him because she was "psycho" he did it just to see about the child. Out of anger and hurt I told him I wanted him to move out of my house (I really don't because I do love him) I feel like he didn't trust me enough to tell me the truth and I feel he never should have sent that message. He has cried begging me not to leave him and has apologized over an over. What should I do? Why would he reach out to her? I have bad self esteem issues already and he knew that. This hurts what do I do?

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: theres things you can gloss over but effectively denying existence of a child is a big one

I would be seriously sceptical about anything someone tells me after having hidden that

ordinarily Im all about salvaging relationships but thats a massive flag


might be best to let go

youll be fine

good luck :)
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