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: Does this mean that the brilliant idea from Liberals is that US citizens pick up the bill? Currently UK citizens are angered that NHS pays for 70K illegal immigrants and has pushed it to bankruptcy, so how will it handle 20M? And the simple answer of, they aren't eligible for it, does not solve the problem as many in the UK have found out. (For some reason everytime I put the link to the UK article that shows the study of illegal immigrant draining heavily on the UK NHS, Yahoo answers hides my question)

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: 20 Million illegal immigrants use the hospital emergency rooms? From WHERE, in God's name, did you pull that number?
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: I guess Reagan should have thought about that before he signed into law the bill that allowed every person to get emergency treatment in hospitals, regardless of the ability to pay.
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: It will only help bankrupt our country ! They should place 2 border patrol agents with guns in every
Emergency Room ! The lines would be so much shorter for us REAL Americans !
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: Hopefully they would not decide to take twenty-five percent of every person's bank account from them or something like that.
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: pushed it to bankruptcy?..................but the libs keep saying HC is free in the UK?
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