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: My girlfriend of 2 years dumped me, we also lived together. She went through my phone and saw that I had flirted with other girls but I never cheated and it was after we got into a bad fight. I've done this before when we've gotten into fights and hurt her. Also, I went through a period where I couldn't afford to pay my bills or my rent and was about to be on the streets. I stupidly stole some coins at her grandma's house and she later discovered them in my safe and was furious. I know I realIy messed up and I tried to make up for it. I continued to let her live with me because she comes from an abusive home and because she's closer to school. I tried to win her back - I'd tell her when I'd be late, where I was going, I took her out to dinner all the time and she never paid for any bills or rent. I even let her cats live w us even though I hate them and the landlord strictly forbid them.

She didnt appreciate any of this shed act nice to me but frequently reminded me what I did and say she hates me. Finally I couldn't take it and threw her out. When she came to get her things she was crying and I felt horrible. I told her to just be nice to me for a week and forgive me and we'd work things out and she could come back. But after she left she was extremely mean to me constantly texting me telling me how horrible I am that she wished I'd die etc. So I started dating a girl which only made her more angry and hateful. I still have some of her things and she wants them back but she's constantly so mean to me when she asks for them that I refuse to give them back.

I know I messed up but I really loved this girl and did a lot for her she never paid for anything. I also wanted to marry her have kids with her and the whole time we were dating she said she never wanted those things and she acted like she wasn't even attracted to me. So talking to other girls was stupid but can you see why I did? I still love her and miss her so much but she constantly says she hates me and wants me out of her life once she gets her stuff. But she constantly texts me even if she is mean. Do you think she still has feelings for me is there any way I can fix things?
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: Give her stuff back and move on
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: She seems to still have feelings for you. Shes just really hurt and when you got a girlfriend right after her, she was probably heartbroken because if you really loved her how could you move on so fast? She is saying she hates you to convince herself that she does so it will make moving on easier. If you want to try to fix things, you could try to get back together with her. But if youre going to talk to her, youre going to need every ounce of patience in your whole body. Shes hurt and shes in rage mode right now, and waiting until she stops raging wont be good because that means shes moved on. You need to talk to her, tell her how you feel (you may feel stupid and corny for confessing things but she will like that, even if she wont show it). Dont be surprised if when you two talk she will begin yelling and saying anything to try to hurt you because everything she says will just be lies. She feels like you hurt her worse than she had ever hurt you so she will try to make up for it by trying to make you feel bad. Also tell her that you did a lot of things for her and just for her because you care for and love her last time but it felt like she took it for granted. That will hopefully make her rethink her actions. If you really love her, you need to be the most patient and nice person on the planet when you two talk it out, because when you mess with a heartbroken girl, its hell.
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