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: So my mom has direct TV at the moment but they are starting to be a rip off when I first signed up for direct TV they told me all I have to pay was 20$ and that would install every thing the next day so the next day my mom waited all day for the Guy to come out he never showed so I called and ask them what's there problem they told me that there was a balance of 200$ due from a past due balance. Because my mom had direct before but stop paying them because she lost her job so I called to get my 20$ back they said no so I went ahead and payed off the money my mom owed them so she could have something to watch and now its been over a year since my mom has been with direct TV and they keep going up on the bill so my question is should I switch to dish or do you think they will do me the same way because we had dish back in 2007 and never payed the bill so I'm worry if I pay them a deposit of 70$ they will do the same thing direct did and not give us service untilled we payed the owed balance which was in her name this time I plan to get dish put in my name and hopefully I wont get ripped off

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