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: My roommate and I have paid all rent and bills on time. The landlord is retaliating because her son assaulted and harassed me and I filed for an anti-harassment order against him. She improperly served me a 3-day eviction notice on an improper form. I especially need to know how to write the demand letter for her to file the action in court. I'd rather her not file it because it will go on my permanent record though. Any suggestions, helpful websites or sample letters would help. Thank you.

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: Your Landlady is protecting her son against being prosecuted by you. If you have a good case against him proceed with the prosecution and get police protection. This will prevent her from evicting you illegally to protect her son. Get a solicitor on legal aid and stop this woman saving her son from a possible conviction.
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: Often times your city or state will have something akin to a tenant's council that can help out with tenant/landlord issues.
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