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: I just received a "final notice," dated 1/31/13, from a physician's office I visited last year notifying me that if I didn't pay the $36.59 on my account within 10 days, my account would be transferred to an outside collection (Because I've been moving around a lot lately, just out of college, I just now finally received this...which is strangely the first and only "notice" I received from the office). Because of the date, I assume my account has been with the collection agency since early February of this year.

This sort of freaked me out, so I went on annualcreditreport and it said I had no potentially negative items. I then also checked my score on Experian and it said I had a 719.

I'm obviously going to call the office on Monday and pay this off immediately, but I'm wondering if I should be worried beyond what my report and score say. In other words, is it possible that my account issue hasn't showed up on my report/score yet?
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