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: A 55 gallon tank: 1 Blue acara, 1 rubbernose pleco, 1 rainbow shark, 8 tiger barbs, 8 gold barbs, and 8 black ruby barbs.
A 40 gallon tank: 1 angelfish, 7 guppies, 1 rubbernose pleco, 1 female betta, and 10 glowlight tetras.
A male bearded dragon
A male iguana
A dwarf hamster
A guinea pig
2 cats
1 dog
Is this too many animals?
I pay for all the costs: food, medication, vet bills, light fixtures (reptiles/fish), water dechlorinator (fish), bedding (reptiles/hamsters/guinea pig), litter (cat), etc.

A friend said I had too many animals. I live out in the country area and my landlord is fine with it. According to him I can have 3 cats/dogs and the other animals aren't considered "pets" with him. So, he doesn't mind.

So, is this really too many animals?
I picked the dwarf hamster up from someone who had to rehome him. I'm not sure about type.
He's a grey little guy though!

I have all my cats and dog spayed/neutered.

It is a LOT of upkeep. But I love the work.

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: It's only too many if you can't look after them all, if not then no.

P.s your pets are cool. I wanna get a dwarf hamster for my birthday, what species do you have?
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: you're one pleco!
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: I don't count the fish per say, but its quite a combo you have. Many prey animals for your cat to hurt/kill too. If you have the money to provide the proper care and have the animals (cats/dogs) spayed/neutered then its what YOU can handle.

Personally I've had most of what you've had in the past; but I never had them all at once!
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: Too many animals for what? If you're talking about being withing the bounds of what you and your landlord agreed to, then you are clearly not in excess.

Does the care/maintenance of the animals hold you back from or limit you from living your life in anyway? Is it negatively impacting you in either the short or long term aspects? If so, you need to think about and understand why this is happening.

If it's not hurting you and you are operating independently without breaking any laws, causing a burden, unsafe, or unsanitary conditions for anybody else, then you are not in excess. Pursue your happiness.
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