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: I have been paying off a medical bill from a time I was hospitalized with no health insurance. This company continues to call me on a daily basis because they are not satisfied of my $100 monthly payments. They try to bully me into paying large sums that I cannot afford. When they call and leave messages they state the call is for me then say if the person listening is not me to hang up. However, they are telling my answering machine to hang up. They proceed to say that it is a call from a debt collector and so on. I know that generally they are not allowed to say they are debt collectors on an answering machine, but if they tell people who are not me to hang up, can they disclose this information?

I am working to pay this off, but these people want me to give them my entire paycheck and borrow money to survive, which I can't do. Serious answers please!
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: Yes, they have to give the debt collection agency required language... they can't discuss the debt amount, payments etc though.. Next time they call tell them that if they can't accept the $100.00 you will file bankruptcy- that will stop them!
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: Yes, they can do this.
FYI: Payment plans with debt collectors have a way of not turning out well, especially if this a large amount of debt. There is no such thing as a good faith payment law to where they are obligated to accept whatever you can afford to send in. If you can't pay then you can't pay and you need to tell them that. It's likely that if you keep sending in $100 a month, they will probably resell the account to a new collection agency in half a year or so and all those payments will have been for nothing.
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